SCI: Question Everything
Style Frames
“Trust your Gut”
 Harmful gut bacteria from an unhealthy diet and lifestyle can negatively impact our mental health. Scientists continue to uncover new insights into the gut-brain connection noting that keeping one healthy will benefit the other. Our gut microbiome can influence everything from PTSD to brain inflammation to depression to schizophrenia. Through this campaign with The Science Channel, our visual narrative brings light on how a seemingly harmless gut bacteria can drastically transform one’s life and encourages the viewers “Question Everything”.
Photoshop, Procreate
Ella Lee
Style Frames ↴
Visual Approach ↴
In order to communicate the complex and heavy topic of mental health issues related to gut health, we took a surrealist approach by illustrating the distorted reality of our main character who is going through a hallucination episode. Giving the sequence a dream/nightmare-like quality, we used a tight composition to give a claustrophobic and trapped feeling.
Reference Images
Style Board
We referenced visuals of pathogens like bacteria, and other alien-like microorganisms to build grotesque yet eye catching imagery. We also were inspired by surrealist and psychedelic art styles. Adding to the anxiety of the sequence, we opted for a vibrant and saturated color palette to emphasize the hallucinations and give the sequence a disconnected feeling.
Process ↴
Word Map
Line Art
Initial Storyboards and Sketches
Photo Study
Character Research
For character research, we looked into our own lives for inspiration and exaggerated for the story. I was working on this project when I took 6 classes at ArtCenter, highly stressed, lived alone, and ate fast food almost every day with little sleep. We felt like this was a pretty relatable experience to many ArtCenter students and used our combined experiences to display how the seemingly small sacrifices we make physically can impact mental health long term.

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