Quora Rebranding
Brand Identity
Graphic Design
Quora is a well-known online question and answer platform where curious minds can connect and share the world's knowledge. Rebranding Quora, this project aims to bring back trust through partnerships with credible educators and increase engagement through an up-to-date brand identity and new interactive launches. By incorporating a live stream feature, users can ask questions in real-time and support scholars, armchair philosophers, and theorists. I want Quora to be more interactive, inclusive, and become a safe space to learn about any topics imaginable.
Research, Brand Concept Development, Design, Image Treatment, Animation
Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Audition
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The Logo
The new logo, based on the letter form" Q" can be read as both the capital "Q" and lowercase "q". Inspired by the form of a magnifying glass symbolizing the search, the negative space created by the shapes represents the discovery. Using a rounded rectangle sets Quora apart from other search icons giving it a unique, fun, and welcoming personality.
Custom Display Typeface
The Tagline
To define Quora as more than a place to find quick answers, the new tagline expands Quora’s image to focus on the communal qualities of social media. "Portal to” is an expression to captivate the users into using Quora as a gateway to finding unlimited content and specific (niche) communities regarding those topics.
Color Palette
Graphic Elements
The graphic elements act as a portal framing device opening up and revealing Quora's unlimited content and community. They also indicate movements of spiraling, zooming in/out, and magnifying to represent the search and the process of thought.
Environmental Application ↴
Content Posters
This content poster series promotes Quora’s new live-stream feature and highlights the partnerships formed with credible educators and speakers. At the virtual event, Quora users can directly ask questions and interact with renowned experts such as Karen Nyberg, a former NASA Astronaut.
Identity Posters
In this poster series, Quora showcases its fun and open approach to learning with the secondary tagline, “No such thing as a Pointless Question”. Creating humor through the disconnect between the notable historical images and the silly questions on the posters, Quora replaces its “academic” and “exclusive” image emphasizing learning through connecting with others.
Digital Application ↴
Social Media Content

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