MOJA: Museum of Joseon Attire
Brand Identity
Graphic Design
Museum of Joseon Attire is a theoretical museum located in Seoul, Korea that showcases the past, present, and future of Hanbok. Hanbok, literally meaning “Korean clothing”, refers to clothing worn during the Joseon dynasty. As Korea is rapidly globalizing and is quite influenced by western culture, many Koreans seek to preserve the traditions and keep the hanbok culture alive. With younger Korean's determination to hold onto the culture of Hanbok, MOJA celebrates its profound history and inspires hope for the future.
Brand Concept Development, Design, Research, Animation
Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects, Photoshop
Brand Identity ↴
Integrating the rectangular imagery of traditional Joseon architecture and combining the weaving elements of cloth, the logo portrays the abbreviated monospaced letters, MOJA, stacked on top of each other. This stacked and geometric visual is also similar to Hangul, or the Korean alphabet. The grid of the logo was inspired by a crosshatch graphic element to represent both the physical aspect of weaving of the hanbok and represent the symbolic aspect of combining the past, present, and future of hanbok.
From the logo grid, the graphic elements are patterns of rectangular and square shapes. that follows the crosshatch design, all of my secondary graphic elements relate to the weaving of hanbok.
Graphic Elements
Color Palette
The color palette was inspired by the warm traditional image of Joseon and Korea. Royal Gold, Crimson Red, and Seafoam Green, all colors inspired by historic Joseon paintings, architecture, and nature found in Korea give the museum a rich, vintage, and earthy images.
Environmental Application ↴
Poster Design
Digital Application ↴
Social Media Content
In today's world, we recognize the value of a virtual presence on social platforms. Expanding MOJA’s traditional content and identity system to website and social media, we can make more room for conversation and help preserve the hanbok culture.
Stationary ↴
Merch ↴
The merchandise and stationery items were designed to appeal to the younger demographic with a mix of bold geometric design and intriguing graphics.

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